Mermade by The SilkWalk Studio


The Mermade skirt is a saree underskirt designed to give utmost comfort and shape for the trend seeking saree women. Done with the right fabric and design, the Mermade skirt makes exceptional comfort-wear than the traditional underskirts. Though there are several shape skirts available in the market, it has been a question if that would provide comfort like the cotton underskirts of olden days and that was the need for the birth of The Mermade Skirt. It is cotton, it is stretchable, it defines shape, it is Mermade! Want to get one?


The Mermade skirt is a cotton underskirt (more than 90%) unlike nylon, satin and the other ones in
the market.

The fabric is stretchable and breathes air.


Sit, Squat, Dance, Run. Do whatever you want. It is ready to stretch easily as you wish.

Wear it everyday not just on your special occasion. The drawstring allows you to tuck in any amount of fabric.


Mermade gives you the perfect drape shape. It defines the side pleats of your saree and makes it easy to for the side pleats to sit. It is a blessing for cotton sarees because they don’t wrap cylindrical anymore.

Regular Vs Mermade Saree Skirt

Want to get one?